25.00 GBP

Package Description

Astral ARK
- PVE -

Monthly perks included in this package:


  • A random dino level 225 from the list below:
    • Argentavis
    • Megatherium
    • Thylacoleo
      • Note: For land creatures, no more than 30 points in Oxygen and Food, to favour other stats.
  • A random Chibi (up to Rare)
  • Priority access to servers, even when full
  • +1500 (9k total) structure limit
  • +3 points per tick
  • +5 decay days
  • [TEK] chat tag


  • Astral Imperium:
    • Access to our supporter-only servers
  • Discord:
    • Supporter role with special badge
    • Access to the supporter corner
    • Ability to use GIFs and external emoji (Nitro)
    • Ability to attach images in messages

Additional information regarding supporter perks can be found on this page.

Important: The chibi and dino rewards can only be redeemed on maps where the shop is fully open.