Monthly Goals

ASA Monthly Goals

What are monthly goals?

Each month, we set distinct goals for our PVE and PVP clusters. These goals not only help cover the estimated monthly running costs for each cluster, but also provide our community with better visibility.

Achieving these goals will trigger a nice community-wide bonus!

How do they work?

As donations come in, the meters gradually fill up. At the end of the month, we review each goal. If a goal is met for either PVE or PVP, we activate full-week boosts for the following month on that specific cluster. Current boosts are: Level Up (XP), The Harvest (Resources), Taming Spree (Taming) and Baby Boom (Breeding).

Admins manually check the goals, so there might be a slight delay in activating the boosts if the goal is met at the last minute.

For example: The PVE goal for March has been met. We will activate full-week boosts on PVE throughout April.

What counts towards the goals?

Recurring charges contribute to the monthly goals, as they give us a clearer picture of our current donation status. Both PVE and PVP are separate goals, so any subscriptions will contribute to either PVE or PVP respectively.

Ad-hoc donations, such as points or cosmetics, do not have a fixed schedule and are not as reliable for us to use. Instead, they contribute to our other ongoing objectives, like upgrading our infrastructure or purchasing new hardware as required.