Supporter Perks

Supporter Perks - Additional information

Additional information regarding specific supporter perks for ARK: Survival Evolved can be found below. This page does not list every supporter perk, these are displayed with each package in the webstore.

"X more points than regular players"

By default, 1 point is awarded per 15 minutes of online activity on the servers, or "per tick". Each tier awards more points per tick than regular players.

Example: Diamond gets 6 points per tick instead of 1.

"X additional decay days"

A tribe's decay is based on the highest supporter tier in the tribe. This is not cumulative. You will need to log in after purchasing a package in order for the decay timers to be adjusted.

Example: A tribe with one regular player, one Ruby supporter and one Diamond supporter will get an additional 14 days of decay time.

Please note that, due to current limitations of the ORP system, this does not apply to ORP, which stays at its default rate regardless of the supporter tier.

"Eligible for Supporter Tribe Houses"

Our Hub map has a bunker area which contains 44 tribe houses. These tribe houses are used to facilitate taking part in events such as Arena or Raid Events in The Dome. They contain various crafting stations as well as a vault and a cryofridge and are not to be used for safe storage (PVP). A tribe house should only be used by the tribe that was assigned to it.

Our 16 Supporter Tribe Houses are an upgraded version of regular tribe houses and are more spacious, nicer looking and with a better view, have an additional cryofridge and an option for a loadout mannequin. These are attributed on a first come, first serve basis and are only open to specific supporter tiers, depending on availability.

Players are no longer eligible for a Supporter Tribe House after their subscription expires, in which case its contents will be permanently deleted within 7 days. It is the player's responsibility to ensure they move their belongings out of the tribe house before their subscription is due to expire. No item/dino refund or replacements will be provided.