New Hardware Costs

New Hardware Costs

As you know, we are aiming to host a full ASA cluster for both PVP and PVE, and we will need your support to achieve this.

ARK Survival Ascended requires a significant amount of resources, which limits how many game servers we can run on each machine. To continue to offer a complete gaming experience, we will need to purchase a number of additional servers, 3 being our starting point in order to enable us to host Ragnarok and beyond for both game modes.

Below, you will find our rough cost estimates:

  • Server #1: £4000
  • Server #2: £4000
  • Server #3: £4000
  • Networking equipment: £2000

Approximate total: £14000

Please keep in mind that this an estimate, prices might vary depending on the time of purchase or parts availability. This estimate also does not take into account any delivery fees or other additional expenses we might need to make.

Any donations outside of recurring subscriptions count towards this goal.